Highprofile Wood Shutters

Timeless and elegant, wood shutters elevate the interior of you home in both modern and traditional settings.

They have always been consider prestigious and beautiful, however their true value lies in their functionality. Only shutters allow you to control the right mix of light, airflow, and privacy. They are strong and durable, with easy cleaning for a healthier home.

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100% One Wood Species
Our shutters are 100% poplar or 100% basswood. High-profile Classic shutters are the real thing.

A flawless Paint Finish
We use a 2-pack polyurethane paint, used in kitchens and high-end cabinetry, giving a lustrous, perfect finish.

Customize To Your Style
Highprofile Classic is truly the bespoke shutter brand with infinite customization. Shapes, colors, and textures, no matter how unusual, can be custom made to suit every space and design scheme.

Hand Selection For The Perfect Grain
Our stained wood shutters are made out of first-class basswood timber, which is known for its beautiful, luxurious grain. Our manufacturer takes the time to carefully hand select each piece to ensure an even grain appearance every time.

Our manufacturer uses lumber from sustainable forestry and our unique construction results in a more efficient yield from the tree.




Louver Size
2 1/2", 3 1/2" or 4 1/2"

Tilt Rod Styles

13 Standards Whites
13 Lustrous Stains
Full Deck of Custom Colors

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